Sustainable steel modular buildings on time and on budget.

Greener, faster, safer and more affordable construction with an accelerated Return On Investment.

Up to 90% of construction takes place in our Advanced Modular Manufacturing Facility

Clean, dry, indoor assembly means healthier buildings, shortened timelines and optimized recycling.

Your Single Source for Sustainable Modular Projects!



We provide a seamless Design-to-Handover experience while passionately employing green and sustainable design principles.

Endlessly repeatable, reconfigurable & customizable volumetric modules with true, straight walls, high ceilings, no nail pops & no trapped mold or moisture!

Our buildings are the future.



The BECC Modular System offers numerous advantages –
benefiting our clients, our staff, our communities and our planet.

Greener processes = much less material waste

Factory construction of
modules maximizes recycling,
inventory control, worker
safety, schedule dependability
and Near Zero waste on site.
And no weather delays!

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Improved Air Quality & Moisture Control

Climate-controlled factory build
setting, plus massive dry storage
capacity, so we build with dry
materials – eliminating trapped
moisture and mold. Healthier
buildings are here.

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Faster Construction Means Earlier Occupation

Modular buildings are
designed, built & occupied
sooner, creating a faster return
on investment, less disruption
and accelerated solutions for

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We design-build a highly-engineered, light-gauge steel framing system to produce best-in-class modular units.

BECC is a fully-integrated General Contractor AND Modular Manufacturer

Our Design Team brings your vision to life.

We employ an in-house Architectural Team and Steel Detailing Team to assure that your designs are completed quickly and accurately, incorporating the latest in sustainable design practices and Passive House principals.

Vertical integration lowers costs and risk.

We manufacture the steel components used in our buildings and because of our full-time in-house purchaser and the relationships we have with long-term suppliers, we are able to procure materials and store them in our warehouses to use in our clients’ buildings.

Stay on schedule and budget.

We have a large workforce of highly-skilled and experienced carpenters and drywall tradespeople who we rely on to rapidly build our modular units to meet aggressive schedules.

Let’s build great buildings together.



We take pride in what we do and strive to surpass expectations, every time –
taking intelligent risks to arrive at better, more innovative solutions.

How it works

How It Works

We offer a greener, cleaner and faster building process with up to 90% of construction taking place indoors.

Our Verical Advantage

Our Vertical Advantage

With in house Steel-Detailing and Steel Manufacturing facilities we’re vertically integrated in ways that pay off for clients.

Module Logistics

Module Logistics

We’ve got it all figured out – from plant to job site, we deliver every module safely and efficiently.