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Frequently asked questions about modular:

What is modular construction and how does it work?

In modular construction, buildings are assembled by stacking and connecting volumetric modules that have been fabricated indoors in a factory, then shipped to site.

What are the advantages of modular construction?

Modular construction shortens timelines, decreases waste, maximizes recycling and inventory control, and delivers a drier, healthier building with much less disruption and impact on the neighbouring community.

Why is light-gauge steel used for module framing?

Light-gauge steel is incredibly strong yet lightweight, is cheaper than wood and is naturally pest resistant and non-combustible.

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Up to 90% of construction takes place in our factory.

Dry Materials

Drywall and other moisture sensitive materials are dry and protected.

Safer Work Environment

Workers who can work safely build a better product more quickly and efficiently.

No Weather Delays

Keep tight schedules running smoothly without costly interruptions & down time.

Modern modular buildings that maximize your vision and ROI.

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