EDUCATION: Additions, Portable Classrooms and Dormitories

Off-site volumetric steel modular construction, such as that offered by BECC Modular, is the perfect choice for educational projects, especially student residences. Modular construction offers a number of advantages over traditional construction. Firstly, modular construction is incredibly fast. Modular buildings can be constructed in less time than is required for traditional construction, meaning student residences can be completed and occupied more quickly.

Modular building is fast, reliable, and environmentally sustainable. An indoor work environment means that weather delays are eliminated and site disturbances, construction schedules, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and noise pollution are all reduced. The health and safety of workers is also improved due to decreased on-site accidents. Because foundation and site work are completed simultaneously to off-site module construction, projects are completed in less time than those using traditional construction methods.


Construction in a factory-controlled setting also means less waste is generated because inventory is controlled, recycled, and protected. The indoor build environment means materials are free from the potential for trapped moisture and mold, resulting in improved air quality and healthier buildings.

In summary, off-site volumetric steel modular construction is the perfect choice for educational projects, especially student residences. It offers speed, cost-effectiveness, and safety, making it an ideal choice for any educational institution. Let us show you how we can build your next project with the latest and greatest modular systems. Please Contact Us today!