Creating your building in our building.

Safe, climate-controlled CSA A277 Certified manufacturing facility delivers a better, greener and healthier product.
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An Advanced Modular Manufacturing Facility in Ancaster, Ontario.

All of our systemic advantages and seamless supplier relationships really start to pay off once your project hits the production line in our massive, climate-controlled CSA A277 Certified manufacturing plant.


A collaborative environment where our skilled tradespeople work their magic.


Under our roof, gone are the days when skilled workers took turns standing around until it was their turn to get on site and ply their trade.

Our manufacturing plant allows our tradespeople to collaborate, schedule and work concurrently to get your dream project out the door and in the ground.

Every inch of our massive factory has been carefully considered to provide the highest level of construction quality and efficiency.

Light gauge steel + high build quality

Cold-pressed, light gauge structural steel means high ceilings and true, straight
walls with no nail popping or warping wood members.

Ontario Employees


Factory Construction


Faster Construction

Completed modules are stored until shipping date, then safely trucked to site and sequentially installed…

Even amongst modular companies, we’re different.

Scalable Workforce

We draw upon our vertically integrated family of companies to optimally staff every stage of the project.

In-house Steel

From steel detailing in the design phase to cold-press roll-forming, laser cutting and assembly – we do it all.

Predictability = Cost Control

Our ability to meet, manage and adapt schedules means your project is completed sooner, without surprises.

Passive House

We build using Passive House principles to Near Net Zero with high ceilings and true, straight walls.

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