Volumetric steel modular construction is one of the best choices for infill housing projects due to it’s tighter timelines, reduced environmental footprint and greater acceptance by neighbouring communities. Firstly, modular construction is much faster and more efficient than traditional construction, with typical schedule savings of 25-30%. This is because the components of each building unit are pre-fabricated off-site, in a climate-controlled factory, then shipped to site and stacked and assembled, in a manner reminiscent of building with Lego. Because modular construction is completed simultaneously on and off-site, projects are completed in less time than those using traditional construction methods


Secondly, volumetric steel modular construction offers a higher level of quality and durability than traditional construction methods. The certified recycled steel components used in modular construction are strong, durable, and fire-resistant, which makes them ideal for infill housing projects.

Modular building is fast, reliable, and environmentally sustainable. An indoor work environment means that weather delays are eliminated and site disturbances, construction schedules, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and noise pollution are all reduced. The health and safety of workers is also improved due to decreased on-site accidents.

In conclusion, volumetric steel modular construction allows construction companies to save on labor costs and reduce overall project costs, while still providing a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing product. We’d be pleased to discuss your next project and show you how to bring it to reality with our modular systems. Please Contact Us today!