Off-site volumetric steel modular construction, like that offered by BECC Modular, is the ideal choice for the supply and delivery of new Long Term Care projects. Firstly, the modular construction process is extremely efficient, as the components of the structure are built in a factory-controlled environment and then delivered to the site, resulting in a significantly reduced construction time frame. This also has the added benefit of reducing disruption on the construction site since the majority of work is done off-site. Your existing facility can continue to remain open with minimal disruption to residents, while the new addition is built in our factory.


Secondly, the modular components are much more durable and reliable than traditional on-site construction, as they are built from certified recycled steel and therefore benefit from protection from corrosion, fire, pests, and other environmental effects. Additionally, modular construction eliminates the need for on-site labour, meaning there is little to no risk of accidents or delays due to weather conditions. 

For these reasons, off-site volumetric steel modular construction is the best choice for the supply and delivery of Long Term Care projects – let us show you how! Please Contact Us today!