Our Process

We Design-Build sustainable modular buildings in an advanced assembly line process, then ship each module to site, where they’re quickly craned into position and connected.

We’ve assembled Canada’s brightest team of steel modular architects, engineers, designers, logisticians and tradespeople to design and rapidly manufacture the healthy, affordable and sustainable buildings our communities so desperately need.

Our expert Architects, Designers, Technologists, Steel Detailing and Estimating teams work closely with clients to determine needs, resolve challenges and optimize the design to take full advantage of all the benefits CFS steel modular has to offer.

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The BECC team has specialized modular knowledge and is dedicated to delivering sustainable design-build projects from concept to completion through an off-site, volumetric build.

Every module starts with an incredibly strong, light-gauge steel frame…



Then we add plumbing, electrical, drywall, flooring, even furniture, fixtures & appliances – all in factory – so that your building ships to site ready-to-stack and connect, quickly and efficiently.

Logisticsthe final step in bringing your building to site.

It’s one thing to create your building in our factory. Getting it to site and installing it is a fascinating process all on its own.


Highly experienced modular trucking teams who’ve seen it all and are ready to deal with emergent issues.


Optimize time, safety and efficiency.


Costs pre-calculated early in design phase to eliminate surprises and allow proper budgeting.