Clean, efficiently-managed sites with minimal waste, pollution & disruption to neighbours.

Modules arrive to the site weatherproofed, ready-to-install, and are sequentially craned into position.

Months. Not Years.

The BECC Modular System maximizes efficiencies and shortens timelines to reduce costs and accelerate your ROI.

While the modules are being created in our factory, your site preparation and foundation work is also underway. Timelines can be dramatically shortened, costs contained, and risks avoided. Plus, we’re always analyzing and debriefing to find new efficiencies every day, every step of the way.

With up to 90% of construction taking place in our Advanced Modular Manufacturing Facility, neighbouring communities don’t have to endure endless noise, traffic and other construction annoyances. And when the building finally arrives, each module is quickly stacked into place and connected with much less disruption to the neighbourhood.

With a vastly longer lifespan than wood construction, our dry, rigid structure framed by recycled light gauge steel will provide decades of comfortable use for occupants. But if a day comes when your building no longer serves its original purpose, modular buildings can be disassembled, and the modules relocated, repurposed or recycled.

High quality builds with extremely tight tolerances.

We design-build using Passive House principles to Near Net Zero, and will fabricate your modules faster and greener, with high ceilings and true, straight walls!

BECC Modules wrapped and ready to ship.

Come see how we do it!

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Modern modular buildings that maximize your vision and ROI.

Come build with us. Come grow with us.

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Volumetric Steel Modular Buildings built on-time & on-budget using Passive House Principles.

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